PHARMEX SRL presents a traceability system to guarantee safety and authenticity of AQUALYX against counterfeiting.


PHARMEX Srl has been founded in 1998 offering consultancy services on pharmaceutical market.

Today it’s a well-known licensed pharmaceutical, food supplements, veterinary products and medical devices wholesaler based in Republic of San Marino.

It has been trading pharmaceutical products for more than 10 years selling to almost 20 countries.

Some of these are Russia, Hong Kong, UK, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Denmark, Canada, Dubai.

Core business is based on supplying pharmacies, private clinics and wholesalers to Italy and Europe.

Products distributed by PHARMEX come directly from manufacturers or licensed wholesalers.

Storage and conservation takes place within a modern structure following all hygienic and sanitary requirements respecting national legislation with qualified personnel.

PHARMEX is a Certified Distributor with ISO 9001 Management Quality System issued by SGS System Certification.

The origin of products sold by PHARMEX is predominantly Italian. PHARMEX has even several Certificated European partners able to provide products not present on Italian market.

PHARMEX has a solid market even on esthetic and cosmetic field collaborating with leading companies. It is able to provide to professionals a rapid and effective support thanks to the wide range of products handled, logistics entrusted to professional couriers and its own specific skill.

Pharmex Srl

Strada Cardio 58 – Galazzano
47899 – Serravalle
Rep. San Marino
C.O.E. SM07374

Certified Quality

The PHARMEX ISO-9001 Quality System is certified and approved by SGS – International System Certification.

Customer Care

Call Center: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 19:30
Telephone: +378 0549 908779 / +378 0549 909886